Focus Wetter released

Focus Wetter released

November 25th, 2013

Earlier this year we released Weeronline HD in the Netherlands. This iPad app has been very well received with a 4.5 star average and hundreds of thousands of downloads. This was reason for the mother company of Weeronline, Focus Tomorrow, to adopt the app for their news portal Focus Online. This became the Focus Wetter app, which we released last week.

Conceptually the app is similar to Weeronline HD with one notable exception: it features a news widget. This widget makes it possible to add news content of any news category to the users dashboard. Now users not only have their own weather station but a news station as well.

Lange nicht mehr so eine gute App gesehen. Sehr benutzerfreundlich und super Design mit tollen Widgets!

The Focus Wetter app has been received very well in Germany. Within a couple of days the app made it into the top ten of the App Store and reached the second place. Reviews have also been very positive with again an average 4.5 star rating.

‘Macht echt Spass, sehr schön personalisierbar. So muss eine Wetter-App sein!’

The Focus news team created a nice video about the app which you can see here:

We are also planning other International versions of Weeronline HD. Soon the app will be released in France, England, Poland and Belgium and additional countries are planned.

We are also working on a nice "Winter” update for the original Weeronline HD. You can see a sneak peek below. Stay tuned.

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