Guess the keynote

Guess the keynote

Wish we could say more

September 9th, 2014

We have been watching Apple keynotes together with the team for years now. It’s a great fun way to share our geeky passion for technology, innovation and design. As in the rest of Apple world, what will be presented at this years keynote is intensively discussed at our office in the weeks leading up to the event. Some of our colleagues are reading every Apple blog that is out there. Last year for the first time, we turned this guessing game into a real game called "Guess the Keynote."

How this works: one team member creates a list of questions based on all the rumors. The list is finalized on the day of the event so we capture the latest and greatest rumors. The whole team answers the questionnaire and hands these in before the event starts along with a few euros. The winner wins „Getting it Right Points”  (as Gruber calls it) and a nice little bonus for a night out.

Join us and win Dutch design

Tonight is our third time we "Guess the Keynote" and because we have so much fun with it, we thought to share it with you.

Send in your filled in forms before 1900 CEST (entries sent in later will be disqualified for obvious reasons) to The winner will of course get Getting it Right bragging points but we'll also give away a Padfoot: a nice 3D printed iPad stand by Dutch Designer Michiel Cornelissen.

You can download our list of questions here.

Tonight will be a nice one. Have fun!

The team at Touchwonders

PS Sorry the PDF is a flat file and not a form. Sharing it outside was one of those last minute ideas.