PME Legend takes off

PME Legend takes off

May 15th, 2014

When you have worked on a product for more than a year, there is not much more exciting than launching and watching if the product delivers the results that you hoped for. On May 9 we passed the one month anniversary of the PME Legend app based on Highstreet. The results of the first month are in. And we are very happy to report that they look very good.

Higher Conversion Rate

Of course this the number everybody is waiting for. Will the user experience we offer with our e-commerce app platform indeed lead to better converting customers? Fortunately yes: the PME Legend iPad app shows a conversion increase of 98 % compared to iPad users of the webshop. In fact the app now delivers the highest conversion rate for PME all across the board. It exceeds the conversion rate of the website on desktops by almost 6 %. But read on as there is more.