TestFlight Exporter released!

TestFlight Exporter released!

Use TestFlight Exporter to export your app binaries from Testflightapp.com

February 19th, 2015

TestFlight will shutdown next week. There was no way to export all our previously uploaded app binaries. We have created an export tool that is now available on Github.

Update: Testflight Exporter now also features an importer for HockeyApp. So after running the export from TestFlight you can run the import for HockeyApp. We are currently working on more integrations.

We have been using TestFlightapp.com for the past few years. It has served us well. We used their services to share the latest builds with our clients during development and we used it to distribute Betas for Highstreetapp.com. On February 21 2014, Apple acquired TestFlight and later that year they integrated it into iTunes Connect.

A few weeks ago, TestFlight announced its shutdown. As stated on TestFlightapp.com:

"The services offered at TestFlightApp.com will no longer be available after February 26, 2015. To prepare for the TestFlightapp.com closure, developers and team leaders are recommended to transfer their testers to the all-new TestFlight Beta Testing in iTunes Connect."

We appreciate that they allow you to export the testers, but found that a way to export the app binaries was lacking. We have created a tool that downloads all app binaries that you have uploaded in the past.

Check it out on Github – we hope you like it.

Github: https://github.com/Touchwonders/testflight-exporter

Twitter: @touchwonders