Touchwonders to host 'Traploopweek' kickoff

Touchwonders to host 'Traploopweek' kickoff

iBeacon app Elevate to be demoed at event

September 23rd, 2014

The 'Traploopweek' is an annual event organized by the Diabetesfonds to encourage people to be more active and fit by using the stairs. This year the kick off of the "traploopweek" takes place at Bedrijvencentrum Hooghiemstra on Monday September 29th. At the event app agency Touchwonders will introduce Elevate: an iBeacon app experience that turns taking the stairs into a company wide challenge.

Ever since the introduction of iBeacons we have designed and developed apps using the technology. We are enthusiastic because iBeacons close the gap between the real (physical) world and the digital world. Besides the possibilities of iBeacons in retail and real estate development we wanted to do something more. That is why we developed Elevate.

Elevate is an app that uses iBeacon technology to encourage people to take the stairs. This innovation made Touchwonders one of the nominees for the most staircase friendly company of the Netherlands. This election is part of the Dutch National 'Traploopweek'.

By using iBeacons the app can measure how many stairs you take. Every time you hit the stairs the iBeacons pick up on your trail and you earn a point for every floor you take. When taking the elevator you get a penalty. The app contains a GameCenter leaderboard so you can see how you stack up against your colleagues. This way the app challenges you and your colleagues to take the stairs more often.

During the kickoff we will demonstrate Elevate to show how we made walking the stairs fun again. Want to join us in a race to take the stairs? The kickoff and demo start monday September 29th at 9:00 AM at Hooghiemstraplein 154 in Utrecht.

See you there.