We came, we guessed and Ben conquered

We came, we guessed and Ben conquered

Guess the Keynote results are in

September 10th, 2014

For some of you yesterdays Keynote was perhaps more exciting than it has ever been before. While most of you probably liked the announcements of the iPhone 6, iOS8, Pay and Watch. The Guess the Keynote competition was of course what really caused all that excitement. I am very pleased to announce the results are in. And the winner is...

Benjamin Thomas (@nonentity) congratulations with your victory! It was a close call between Ben and the runners up Bastiaan Vroegop (@BasVroegop) of iCulture and Paul Neuteboom (@PaulNeuteboom) of Blinker. You will find all the scores below:

Contestant Number of correct answers
Ben (@nonentity) 32
Paul Neuteboom 31
Bastiaan Vroegop 31
Ward Weistra 30
Gonny 29
Frank Gartner 28
Sjors Roelofs 28
Riza Nagraha 27
Matt Brooke-Smith 27
Bart Breij 21
Jenny (@grinblo) 20
Timo 18

Ben you can expect to receive your price within a week. Ofcourse your Getting it Right bragging points will be added right away but we’ll also send you a Padfoot: a nice 3D printed iPad stand by Dutch Designer Michiel Cornelissen.