ING Relationship Manager: A new way of getting things done for the sales team

Business reinvented

The relationship manager app for ING Commercial Finance is more than a tool specialized in one task. It is a whole new way of working. The app plays a crucial role in the entire acquisition process. From the very first meeting to the signing of the contract. For employees, but also for customers and the ING organization.

The ability to undertake

ING Commercial Finance offers various solutions in the area of Working Capital. These may include products for Supply chain finance or Factoring. Not every prospect has much knowledge about Working Capital Financing and each company's situation is different.

The Relationship Manager app provides ING sales staff with a complete, unified solution to give advice. The app speeds up the process and creates the right expectation for customers. ING puts the customer first and the Relationship Manager app is an important tool for doing so.

Sales Staff of the future

Never before did sales staff need to do so little to achieve so much. Equipped with an iPad and the Relationship Manager app, the sales team has a very complete set of tools to convince the customer. More fun and more results, combined with a much lighter bag.

Fully prepared, all the time

You can not forget important documents anymore. Everything you need - brochures, checklists, conditions - is in the app library. And it is always up to date.

Powerful presentations

Relationship Managers are trained to give an excellent sales pitch. The app provides support with centrally managed rich presentations. Complex matters are visualized.

Insight with tailored advice

A sales pitch is so much more powerful when it really is about the customer. Personal customer files and visualization of customer numbers make this possible.

Software that makes you happy

The times of sale software with endless menus and buttons is over. Simple to operate and fun to use. User manual: unnecessary.

Collaborating at a higher level

Through a private cloud, all client files on all iPads are kept in sync real time. Furthermore, the app provides smart workflow management via push notifications: When a colleague prepares an offer, team members are immediately informed. Welcome to the new collaboration.


  • Commercial support does a manual Excel analysis.
  • The file is stored on a shared drive.
  • An e-mail needs to be sent to the relationship manager to inform him about the changes.


  1. Commercial support completes the customer data in the app.
  2. A Push Message is automatically sent to relationship managers.
  3. All data and interactive presentations are readily available when you open the app, wherever they are. An appointment for a presentation with the client can be made immediately.

For customers: personal attention, quick response and transparency.

ING puts the customer first. And the relationship manager application is an important asset. With our app, account managers easily analyze advanced scenarios with customer data. The app makes the process transparent and client expectations are managed. The customer will experience a faster and more personal approach.

Transparent process

The process of setting up new customers for the ING Commercial Finance products is relatively long and can take several months. During this period, evaluations are made , agreements are written, contracts are set up and so on. For the prospect, it is not always clear what is happening behind the scenes. Our solution provides proactive communications. When an important step has been completed, the relationship manager is asked to inform the customer. An automatically created personal e-mail is sent with a tap.

Quick response

Besides transparent communication ,sending information just minutes after a customer interview, is equally as important. Besides being able to email any document in the app. PDFs can be generated with personalized dynamic charts and graphs. Also sent with just a few simple taps, so when the customer is back in the office after the meeting, the personal meeting minutes are already waiting for him in his inbox.

Fully customized meeting report

Download example

A smarter organization

Organizations must do more and more with less and less. There is a need for more efficient cooperation and better service. Our smart technology makes that possible.

Uniform appearance

  • Not only the latest content, also the same content.
  • Consistent presentations, brochures and animations in the library.
  • All relationship managers present the brand in the same way.

Higher productivity

  • Research shows that employees with an iPad deliver higher productivity.
  • Simpler and faster process.
  • iPad fits into the new way of working.

A more effective sales force

  • Employees have more knowledge at their disposal and can also use the app to advise on issues where they have less experience in.
  • Smarter collaboration between sales staff leads to higher productivity.

Increased sales

All improvements that the Relationship Manager app entails lead to higher staff and customer satisfaction. And to more sales.

"Touchwonders really makes an effort to understand our business and therefore comes up with the best possible solution. They think along on a strategic level and deliver on promises." Jarco de Bruin - Commercial Director ING Commercial Finance

App highlights

Stay in sync

  • Access to customer files anywhere - even on the go
  • Automatic synchronization of all data
  • Smart merge tool resolves conflicts

Advanced Content Management

Touchwonders also developed the Web services API and a very friendly content management system.

  • Easily manage documents
  • Sending Push messages
  • Easily adjust App content

Data security

ING has naturally high demands on data security:

  • Strong AES hardware encryption
  • Special 4-digit code to unlock the app
  • Secure SSL connection to servers

Touchwonders & Business Intelligence Apps

Apps make processes more efficient, salespeople are more powerful and managers are better informed. It is not without reason, that 94% of the Fortune 500 companies the iPad integrates into their organization.

The past few years, Touchwonders has realized an extensive portfolio business apps for various clients. Businesses like ING, Philips and innovative startups such as IMBU. From apps that enhance sales teams to apps that optimize internal processes or provide (financial) insight into the business.

We create apps to make lives easier and more enjoyable. Good apps are easy to use and work quickly and intuitively. At Touchwonders we go to great length to achieve that. We have a boundless fascination for detail and strive for the highest quality.

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