Spotler: Follow the brands you love

Follow, swipe and discover

With the Spotler app it is simple to discover your new favorite store, restaurant, theatre or club. Brands keep the app up to date with their latest events and promotions. The app has been designed to make it easy and fun to stay informed.

Local and personal brands

The brands shown within Spotler are always nearby. The app knows where you are and only shows the local brands. This makes the content even more relevant.

Be in the know. In a better way.

Once you have followed a couple of brands, you will receive the latest messages of these brands. The messages are very rich and can contain video, audio and animation. This makes discovering things to do a lot of fun.

Spotler & Touchwonders

Spotler came to us with the ambitious goal to change the way people consume marketing mails. The goal was to create a "brand promotion" platform with rich content and where the user is in total control, no spam. We organized multiple workshops to discover different approaches. During the workshops our design team worked closely with the Spotler team to give them advise and to shape the concept. From these workshops we went into design and finally development of the app. All while our team of engineers worked closely and in an agile way with the IT team from Spotler. The result is an app with a rich inviting front-end and a solid and easy to use back-end for brands that use Spotler.

More about our approach

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